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Poland World Cup 1978

Tunisia World Cup 1978


West Germany v Hungary - 1954 World Cup Final.

Source: L’Equipe Magazine

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Brazil, after winning the 1958 World Cup:

Djalma Santos, Zito, Hilderaldo Bellini, Orlando, Nilton Santos, Gilmar; Garrincha, Didi, Pele, Vava, Mario Zagallo.

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The great World Cup winning West Germany of 1954, the immortal “Wunder von Bern”. The team was composed of Toni Turek, Jupp Posipal, Werner Kohlmeyer, Horst Eckel, Werner Liebrich, Karl Mai, Helmut Rahn, Max Morlock, Ottmar Walter, Fritz Walter and Hans Schäfer . Managed by The Chief (via bundesligaclassic)

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Equipe de France. Coupe du Monde 1958.

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Part of the World Cup Project where I produce a graphic representing each national team that has won the World Cup. It all starts with Uruguay in 1930.

The tournament for that year was held in Uruguay so the host country came out with the victory and the first ever World Cup  was theirs. More to come so stay tuned.


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